Could some one please add rss feeds to the main forums?

Could some one please add rss feeds to the main forums?That would be allot easier than what I am doing now!

Any one?I’m going to go cry in a dark corner now…

I would guess the IFI staff is “occupied” at the moment…

Yeah, many of us are busy travelling around supporting the FIRST Robotics Competition regional competitions.

vBulletin comes with an RSS feed, the URL is:

If you want specific forums to show you can add a forumids parameter, like so:

That link will give you all new posts in the General and Technical forums.](,28)

what is the “rss feed” and what do you need it for?:confused:

See RSS.

RSS is used to group data, so that an RSS reader can pull that Data and infor the User (you) that data has changed…

it’s basically looking at “text podcasts.” well, kinda. you can search and navigate through articles very easily with RSS. Also works great with the iPhone:D

yah i make visual basic programs that read rss feeds and give them to me, if they made one for this forum it would be so helpful:D

An RSS Feed or A Visual Basic program???

an RSS Feed, i can already make a vb program:D

This forum already has two, and <[ respectively.RSS 0.91****RSS 2.00](>. This is for )