Could students from other region represent a local group?

We encounted this problem before.
For example, could VEX U students from CHINA represent a US social group and participates US competition, and get a spot for the world championship competition?
OR, could VEX U students from US, represent a CHINESE social group XXXA, and participates CHINA OPEN or ASIA OPEN, finally XXXA get a spot for the world championship competition?
The reason why I’m asking is that a lot of local VEX U teams thought this is unfair. They should try to get world champion spot from their own region.

Thanks for the question. It seems like there might be more to this question, but let me answer it in a general way. The REC Foundation considers the address used to register a team as the team’s territory. If a 4-H club registers with a Delaware address, but has students from Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland participating, the team is considered to be a Delaware team. If there is more to this question, please contact me directly at for further clarification.