Could There Be a Dance Next Year at Worlds?

Hello! I am just wanting to make a proposal that I think would be really nice to be added next year at VEX Worlds 2019.
Since many juniors and seniors miss out on prom to go to VEX Worlds 2019, I am wondering if it would be possible for VEX to host a dance themselves :). By hosting dances, I think that it would be a good compensation for people who miss out on someone from prom, and it will be a fun time for friends who only can see each other once annually. This can really increase bonds between everyone, as well as I think it would be really fun addition to everyone who would like a break from all the hard work that has paid them off to be at the World Championship. This is just an idea, but I guess it’s worth trying to see if it would be possible to do!

Thank you for hearing my input VEX Community, GDC Staff, and the other members of VEX.

  • [TVA] Connor

I don’t think this is a bad idea, but when would you have put it?


This would be a lot more fun than Kentucky kingdom in my opinion. I’m not sure if that many older teams actually go to Kentucky kingdom. I know our team didn’t go this year.

I guess RECF would have to push #girlpowered for a few more years before that becomes feasible…


Sounds like a good idea. Just like FRC Roboprom.

Yeah I would like this a lot. I missed my prom this year so that could help make up for it, and like @Madeline said, a lot of teams dont go to KK. If I’m to be honest, KK is not very fun so we skip it to save a few hours on the drive home. I think it would be worth it for something like this if it were to be organized.

Our team went to the Extreme Laser Combat Arena on Sunday instead of Kentucky Kingdom, and boy it was awesome.

Throw back to the old RoboProm committee…

If a group of people you know, organized it all, it could happen. All you sort of need is a large ballroom at a nice hotel, food, music, etc.

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cringe alert

This is actually not a bad idea. I missed out on my senior prom because of worlds his year and I think it would be a good way of getting to know more people. Maybe not a formal but just a dance where people can meet up and just hang out and enjoy themselves. This could be done on like Thursday or Friday night in one of the many rooms they have. I would limit it to juniors and seniors tho so it is people on the same level so it isn’t too crowded with young people.

Sounds good to me. I honestly didn’t like KK, it was a very second-rate amusement park imho.

You could host the dance in Freedom Hall, with all the cool lighting and audio system. I think that’d be great!

Apparently there was a wedding held at the KEC during Worlds. I had my students tell me about it.

There are some ballrooms there that are usable. Or bus everyone to downtown Louisville and use a place like the Galt House or something.

Was it from people involved in Vex Worlds? The biggest excitement we had was a promposal between 8044 and 180. She said yes.

This needs to be pinned at the top of the forums. It could definitely lift the stress of worlds

Unless the grill powered thing really gets going, there’s gonna just be almost all guys at the “dance”. Imagine how awkward that’s gonna be


for those who dont know. myself, along with Oscar, and 3 other individuals actually launched this idea for vexworlds 2015 and after alot of time trying to make it fly, unfortunately we just couldnt make it happen. We actually started to look into costs, locations, and interest. There was quite alot of interest at the time but financially it wasnt doable to front all the money in the hopes we could recoup it later.

Not only do I fully support another attempt at making this happen, I would gladly be willing to help anyway I can, perhaps by sending you some of the information and rates we gathered back in 2015. Get in touch if theres anything i can do


Did you do this for a hotel, or did you work with RECF/GDC/VEX personnel? It might be more efficient just to use what VEX already has reserved, instead of booking a separate location.

We went independent of VEX for it.

Now that it’s back on the horizon again, I’d be down to support another effort.

For FRC, I know it’s organized by a team. Nothing that’s insurmountable to organize. With an extensive shuttle system and in general enough space in certain parts a Vex RoboProm is doable

It would be super nice to have a barbeque :slight_smile: This was my last high school year in VEX and I’m probably not doing VEX U so I’ll miss it, whether barbeque or dance or both or neither.