Could you help Team 66661A, The Innovators?

Hey guys! Could you all take a look at our online challenge submissions:

It would be awesome if you guys could support us by voting! Since we’re a new team with very little funding, we really would appreciate it if you all helped us get to the World Championship through online challenges since the registration would be funded! (The community award challenge is a parody of “Call Me Maybe” so I recommend viewing it)

We hope that you all understand our love for our community through the video and just ask for a thumbs up to help us out. :heart:


Video: “We’re always ready”
as a picture of a guy flexes his muscles in front of the camera
Me: Looks at my arms

Anyways though, very nice submission. I can tell you all have put a lot of effort into it and it looks well-made!


Hecc yeah, I’m in here

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