Count Down to New Game

Found this page by accident when I clicked on an ad for VEX on CD. It appears to be a countdown till the launch of the new game and maybe to new hardware too?!

Can anyone from IFI/VEX confirm this?

Right now looks like 7 days 15 Hours and 18 min.

Which would be… math… Next Tuesday at 2 PM EST?

The link I forgot.

It does not say what its for?

Edit: look,

Thanks Lowfategg I forgot the link and I would assume that the countdown is for the new game but it doesn’t explicitly say that.

Looks like it is. Great timing too, it gives a few weeks to prototype before school starts.

I get 10:00 Pacific, which is 13:00 Eastern.

You’re probably right, it was late my math wasn’t working… Anyways that almost makes more sense since Texas is in the Central timezone and that’s where IFI is located. 13:00 EST(1:00Pm) would be 12:00 CST(12:00PM) Releaseing the new game at noon makes sense, right?

With school starting up, we were going online to get information on the Vex competitions this year. Looks like most of the stuff is still for last season, but there is a big countdown display at the top of the screen on the Vex competition page. I figure it is for the new season, registration, the game or something, but it does not seem to say. Does anyone know for sure what the countdown is for? Asked on Chiefdelphi also, just curious.

New game is scheduled to be announced at Noon (Central Time) Tuesday the 19th, 2008.

PS: In the US, 12:00 Central = 1:00 East Coast = 11:00 Mountain = 10:00 West Coast
Other timezones around the world (many teams are Asian, I think that at least a few are European, etc…) will have to do their own math :slight_smile:

Ok so we have a little more than a day to go till the new game lets guess what kind of game we are going to have…

For example game piece: I expect that this years game pieces will be more box like, instead of a ball object.

Playing field: I really have no idea… but i expect that there will be a lot of “way-points” or lines since this year VEX is introducing the full autonomous game option.

I second the idea of box like game pieces. It also might contain ramps.

Ummm… like Stack Attack.

I concur. This is what I predicted last year’s game would be. Either that or there being balls of multiple sizes

i don’t think ramps would be very favorable. I wouldn’t want m robot falling off…

Ramps would be interesting and might allow for the use/need of a shifting transmission.

Full autonomous option?

The ramps probably would have walls so the robots would not fall off.

Something like this,

Stack Attack Field. ^

From what they said earlier this year at the World Competition, there will be three options for competition:
1st Regular competition 20 sec auto mode and 2:00min operator control.
2nd Full 2:20min or 2:00min(not sure which) autonomous mode.
3rd Full 2:20min or 2:00min(not sure which) operator mode.

Would it be possible for the same team to compete in two different categories?

I don’t know for sure but I think so.

they said at worlds that a team can compete in as many as they want to, 1, 2, or all 3

15 minutes to go.