Counteract lift leaning back when four-bar is brought in?

Is there any small tricks or little things my team can do that would allow for the lift to sway back as little as possible when bringing in the four-bar. This seems to be a common problem for many teams with dr4bs, just wondering how other teams fixed this issue.

While I can’t help here I just want to say I am one of those people with this problem.

Build quality and triangle bracing.

Post a photo of the robot. My general advice though is to build it so it’s sturdy (obvious, but just putting it out there).

Cross bracing our lift and lift towers helped us with that

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And making sure your lift towers sturdy alongside making sure your lift are mechanically braced together with a bar of some sort should help you stabilize it (I personally like supporting lift towers with triangle like support structures).

Yeah, my tower and lift are super structural (only about an inch of wiggle forward and backward when all the way up when I push really hard) but the problem I am having is with cones wiggling. Even with a super tight grip on the mobile goal, the cones inherently wiggle. Very sad that this is limiting my stacking speed, as we have to slow down the secondary lift when we get very high.