Countering Launchers

Hi all,

I’ve been scouring the forums, and I see a Starstruck Intake thread, a Starstruck Launcher thread, a Starstruck Lifting thread, a Starstruck Strategy thread… But no Starstruck Countering thread!

What I mean by countering is something similar to the Toss Up season, where robots could effectively ‘catch’ the large balls thrown by the opponents and send them back just as quickly, making the game into a highly competitive round of Hot Potato. I have come up with a few different ideas and wanted to see what other ones you guys have come up with.

What do you all think? Is it strategic or even feasible to intercept the Stars and Cubes in the air and send them across instead of waiting for them to land, intaking one by one, and launching?

I dont know, I think everybodies strategy is gonna be wait until the last 20 seconds and than launch with everything you got, but first launch in autonomous. than push everything into near zone in case something fails.

I’d like to see a bot “catch” a cube. Stars I could see, but they’re so weirdly shaped it’d be difficult to accurately grab it. Cubes are heavier, though, and might tip the receiving robot.

with a like a big box on top it wouldnt be hard to catch a star

I would like to see that too! The problem is that the sars are shaped to where unless a team fugures out how to launch very accurately then you will have no idea where go to catch the star/cube. I think it may be possible to effectively counter launchers with a very efficient intake and lift though.

You could make your big box have tons of rubber bands connected to a bar… Then when the box catches a star or Cube, the box will wind back, and then the box will spring back and throw the object back… And then have 10 motor drive and 2 motor lifting mechanism…

I don’t think that would work, the star would have to be thrown at the robot at a very fast speed.

I had come up with a similar design too, and I think if you built in some additional spring to that design(with rubber links or something at the base) it could work. You are right thought that it would rely heavily on the speed at which they are launched at it. It would be pretty easily countered just by dumping bots because of this.