Counterweight gear inserts

Hey gang, we’ve been making a bot that is very front heavy, and we got the genius idea of using motor inserts as a counterweight, because they aren’t a motor, so I don’t think they go against any rules. Would this be allowed under the rules, hypothetically speaking?

regardless of the legality, there are far better options for ballast. Try stacking steel plates. much easier to mount, and you’ll find they’re much denser than motor cartridges.


we currently don’t have any steel and no way to get some due to the pandemic, would aluminum be not dense enough or is steel the only good option?

aluminum is not a good option for ballast.

another good way to achieve high density is by making a container of sorts and filling it with nuts or screws.

another thing to add is that a counterweight is probably not the best solution for your issue (I’m assuming it’s to prevent tipping of the robot in one direction).

better weight distribution and/or anti-tips are generally considered better solutions than counterweights. A picture of your robot could help evaluate your tipping issue (if this is in fact what your problem is)


our bot is very front heavy due to all of the mechanisms in the front like rollers and intake, so it won’t drive very smoothly, how could we improve this?
I also included a picture of the bot currently, I’m aware of the low quality of it :pensive:

ok so to me it doesn’t look like that much weight in the front, just that you have a really lightweight bot overall. So counterweights could help, but I don’t think they’re the best solution.

first off, you should try and keep things like your brain and battery mounted towards the back and the bottom of the robot, and if you still have problems see if you can lengthen your drive. (I understand why it’s short, so that your intakes don’t have to deploy) but if you can move your front wheels forward in any way, I would. You seem pretty competent in terms of build quality, so if you wanted to you could give deploying intakes a shot so that you have more room to lengthen your drive. I also notice the back of your hood is relatively far forward in your bot, if you moved your whole hood, indexer, and launcher setup further back that could help balance things out as well. You know your bot best, so you should just try the options you think would be most effective on your robot.

other thoughts on your bot not related to your problems:

I like the hood and the geometry you have, but I would try using something other than rubber band wrapped gears for your rollers. They have good traction, but virtually no compression. You might not have access to flex wheels or flaps, but if you do I would try them out, you might find they handle the balls a lot better.

overall though, looks like a sturdy build, so that will make improvements much easier to make, so good job on that.

hopefully this helps!


Thanks for the help, we really appreciate it!!

Just curious, what rule in the game manual do you think you might be violating?


Most likely the 8-motor cap. Unlike the seven-wheel question, I think this one is pretty reasonable, as it’s not really obvious whether a motor cartridge constitutes a motor.

using counterweights in vrc is disgusting



This is a prior year Q&A so technically wouldn’t apply to current year, however since it was a pretty firm assertion that using V5 motor cartridges as mechanical components outside the motor was ok I don’t see why it would change.

QA490 2019-2020