Counting Community Votes

How heavily do community votes count towards determining the 1st place (specifically for the Community Award and GirlPowered)? And what happens if a team doesn’t receive as many votes? Are they automatically not considered for the award? How do the judges figure out if the votes are from people that actually like the submission versus friends and family? I’m sorry for the blurb of questions but I’m just genuinely curious! :smile:


I think you can go to past years and see how votes correlate to which teams win. Questions like this have been posted in the past (try looking at past on line challenge Q&As) but I believe that the number of votes is just one of many things the judges consider but it is not a main determining factor.


The community votes do not count towards determining 1st place, or rank for that matter, for any award. Votes are only tie breakers as far as I am aware. All online challenge submissions are ranked based on a total of points that are given for how well the submission satisfies each criterion. Judges cannot tell where votes came from. If you go back and look at some old submissions that won, some don’t even any votes, yet they still won first place. It still doesn’t hurt to get votes if a tiebreaker occurs. Hope this helps.