Counting ticks from a V5 motor encoder

This year my school just got the V5 system so I’m trying to make an encoder tick counter for a function to make it more accurate. I figured out how to make it reset the count and how to count it with the Motor.rotation command, however I want to display it on the screen as a double. How would I do this?

Look at the documentation, or research on this forum.
There is a way to print text to the screen in the API.
If you are stuck, come back telling us what you have tried and what does not work for you.


Brain brain;
vex::motor Motor = vex::motor(vex::PORT1);

int main()

while (true)
double ticks = Motor.rotation(vex::rotationUnits::(deg or rev);

this will keep on printing ticks so i recommend you insert something like “this_thread::yield;” but i do not know if this is available in VCS.

I also do not recommend VCS and i think you should switch to VEXcode or PROS. VEXcode it basically the same and in C++ aswell. PROS, on the other hand, you can do C++ and C and do a lot more complex things with PROS. If you are just starting to code I suggest you use VEXcode. :slight_smile:


you need to read motor rotation inside the while loop for it to be updated.

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Thanks man I just fixed it m. Enjoy :slight_smile: