Course Standards/ Outcomes

I teach VEX EDR (we have some V5 kits and some Cortex kits) as a high school class (9-12 grades). Most of my students have never seen VEX before, but I will start getting students who have seen it in middle school in the coming years.

I am trying to develop a list of skills that students need to meet and standards for assessing those skills. Does anyone have a syllabus or standards they can share?

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I am a High School student who has experienced both V5 and Cortex years.
While I was a freshman, we were introduced to cs2n for the VEX Cortex. But after looking at their website again, they added more for the VEX V5 system as well as components for them:

Although I am just a student, it would be awesome for you to introduce them onto the forum and teach them to utilize the forum. Research is a very beneficial part in STEM-Learning. One good thread that may be useful to utilize for yourself and others is the community-made wiki thread that contains information on how to improve on a subject within robotics:


If you assign research or anything of the sort on the forums, definitely require them to mute the chit-chat/rumor mill category, as it is great for amusement, but is almost never productive.


I am a high school senior at a public school which has a “Robotics” course.

The course is essentially tied to the Robotics Club, which is a VEX program club with 4 VEX teams. During classes, we typically build our robots and program for the competitions, as we would during club time; in this sense, the class is an extension of the club, like how the course “Athletic Locker” is an extension of a sport. The teacher would supervise and advise on designs, but otherwise be minimally involved with what students did during the class. I’m not sure if this is the intent of your course, but this system has functioned at my school for many years.

Every week or so, a student from each team will prepare a presentation on their robot progress or an explanation of a robotics topic for the class for a grade. Additionally, we would be given a quiz that can be found from the VEX website’s curriculum tab: Engineering journal progress is also graded, as well as in-class participation. Other than that, there isn’t really a syllabus or graded progress check for robot performance.

I hope this was helpful!