Hey everyone–just poking my head back on these forums to share something I recently found.



I thought this would be of interest to some people here, as the Computer Science classes appear to be somewhat beyond the basic procedural course (i.e. Cryptography, Algorithms, Machine Vision, AI, Quantum Computation (!?!), and others).

I’m planning on taking the Algorithms 1 course that starts sometime in August.

Has anyone here heard of or taken a class from this site before?


I signed up for the Algorithms and Cryptography, but ran out of time to actually follow through with the Course work…

They look real interesting, and I would think they should be a benefit to anyone’s skill level…

I have not taken any of these course (yet) but will be signing up for some now. To supplement this, MIT also offers free online ‘archived’ versions of their courses through their OpenCourseWare program:

I’m going to stop talking now before I go on a (good) rant about how awesome I think free online courses are.