Courtenay Robotics Competition

Just thought i’d put it out there, January 30th is the tournament over at Courtenay. Any old/new faces attending ;D?

Exothermic Salsa and Haiku (10Q and 575) will be there with their new robots.

We’ll be there with some form of robot…

Any news on whether programming/robot skills challenges will be offered?
Need to know whether or not to devote time to coding…

According to the RobotEvents listing, they will not be offering the Skills Challenges.

What do you mean “some form of robot”? What was wrong with the 'bot that won Gladstone??

Not too much… but with all the extra time our driver built a new robot… We’re going to quickly decide which one to compete with in the next few days. 721v3 is an hour’s work away from moving.

No programming challenge means less work for our programmer but we were really looking forward to watching driving skill =/

i thought u gave up going to the island because it was “too far” :stuck_out_tongue:
omgg 2 more competitive teams >.<
(this competition would be close)

the bot you had at gladstone seemed fine
(super duper efficient)
does the v3 have a similar pickup drop-off system?
or it it something completely new?
(a wallbot?)
and team 1107 a has a kick *** autonomous!
they’ll beat every team :slight_smile:
btw tba, what was your programming skills score at gladstone?
see you all there! :slight_smile:

Our programming skills score was around 56. Given more time however I believe I can get it up to 70s consistently.

Therefore, we won’t be working on programming challenge this time around

56 points in 1 min?
i know “somebody” that can beat your score in the 20 secs :o:O:O
(assuming that everything goes well :P)
so scared to meet them in the quals >.<

That’s good. I don’t think either of our robots going to Courtenay even work yet. It will be a miracle if they can move under their own power.

tsk tsk
expected “less” procrastinating from the exothermics :wink:
however; you guys always seem to be the top teams
i guess thats your “Secret” :stuck_out_tongue:
see you at Courtney!
(after a 3 hr drive + ferry)

Work expands to fit the time allotted to it. I’m sure we all know that by now

Make that 3 hour drive + border wait + 1 hour to ferry + 1.5 hour ferry ride + 1.5 hour drive to Courtenay.

I don’t think we’re allowed to complain anymore.

Next season, build an amphibious robot and ride it there. :wink:

Excellent event hosted and a congratulations to everyone for being able to participate in the event.

Special grats to 10Q for qualifying for the World’s with that beastly robot of theirs.

And a thank you to friends from DT, Moscrop, Exothermic, Lakeview, Vanier?(not too certain, whoever we selected as our third alliance), and others for not getting irritated by our “rowdy” group from Gladstone.

Winning Alliance: 2Z, 721, 149C (Gladstone, Gladstone, Vanier)
Finalist Alliance: 10Q, 575, 1107C (Exothermic, Exothermic, Cambie)

Excellence: 10Q
Innovate: 575
Judge’s Award for Outstanding Engineering: 705A (Lake Trail, specifically recognized for great engineering and construction with a small budget)

My opinion: A terrific tournament, that was well planned and executed, with friendly people in a good venue. There were thirty-five teams there, all from British Columbia (except for the Exothermic teams which traveled about 250 miles including an international border crossing and a 2-hour ferry ride. It was a long two days. :slight_smile: )

Personal note: 2Z, 575 and 721 have been battling each other for four years now. I’ll miss it when these students graduate.

what grade are they in now?
(team leaders)

did 10Q did something to their robot overnight?
i remember that they had issues with something the night before
totally caught us off guard :slight_smile:

great experience overall
(i wonder how the competition would’ve turned out if top gladstone and exothermic teams got split up in the alliance selection…)

Ferry ride??

What the heck is that all about?

There’s nothing like that around here but flat lands. We can drive for 2 days and not leave the state of Texas…

Three of the guys on 575 are graduating, including their captain (drive team coach) and one of their drivers. Mr. Ablett tells me that all of the students on 721 are grade 12s. I’m only guessing that 892/2Z are grade 12s, but I’ve been watching them for three years so it’s not a bad guess.

They stayed up to 1:00 am in their hotel room to finish their robot.

If 10Q had won their last qualifying match you might have seen 10Q+721 as the #1 alliance.

Incidentally, I was really happy with how many good robots were there. I especially thought 1346 and 1107 have raised their games this year, and 705 is a team to watch. I’m sure I’m leaving out some good robots, and I think it’s safe to say that the last tournament of the season (in Vancouver) is going to be wild.

2Z Will have 2 graduating students this year and will leave behind a programmer/driver and builder. As for experience we really only started last year during Elevation except for the Captain who was originally a part of 721 during Quad-Quandary (good times).

Haha only 1:00 pm ^^? I know some members from Gladstone that barely slept a wink from the excitement.

Photos are posted at:

Wish I had video of the semi-finals match between DT/Cambie and Gladstone/Gladstone. Although the DT/Cambie alliance was unsuccessful, they came close to pulling a fast one on two superior “dumpers”. It was the first example of second-order strategic thinking that I’ve personally seen this year, and if there had been another 30 seconds to one minute left on the clock, the match result would have been quite different, I think.

It’s hard to score when you don’t have any balls left, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


P.S. Congrats to Vanier, the first Vancouver Island team to qualify for Worlds!

There are a few matches we wish we had video of…

That was genuinely surprising… just goes to show that clean sweep is a game that can be won by many strategies without necessarily needing a superior robot.