Covering color on flags from turning point


Our team is using flags from Turning Point as Lexan this year for our hood loop to eject and hold balls. These flags were previously legal because they meet specifications laid out for Lexan in R10.

We were wondering if it is legal to leave the red and green coloring on the flags, or does it need to be removed for teams with vision sensors, because the color matches a game element and will be detected as a signature? And if the color needs to be removed, is masking tape or grip shelf liner a legal way to do so? (This was not questioned during Tower Takeover because there were no red or lime green game elements.)

My personal thoughts on this...

would be that this is something that would distract vision sensors. In that case, you shouldn't be allowed to have it, because it would be unfair to teams.

However, the relevant Q & A from last year here makes no mention of the coloration, which I find odd because there were green cubes and the barriers to the stacking zones were the alliance colors. R10 also makes no reference to coloration on the Lexan.

This is not very clear, and I think that it would be good to ask on the Official Q & A about this.


chances of meeting a team actually using a vision sensor is slim, and even slimmer that one would be distracted by a red or blue flag, when they would probably be looking down not up.

but to be safe, I would sand off the coloring. both to be safe in terms of legality and for the aesthetic.


As vision/color sensors become more common, you can expect that this question should posed for each season in the Q&A. What has been permissible or not in prior seasons, may or may not be permissible in the current season challenge - so, ask this question in the Q&A for an official response.

I agree. In Northern Michigan we think we are the only team that uses a vision sensor.

Thank you for your help, I’ll be sure to do that.