Coverings and Decal Material

Okay, so in order to keep weight lighter, my team is looking for another way to make decals lighter but stronger. I know I previously asked about poly-carb like materials.

I was wondering what the ruling would be about using other materials (other than laminated paper or a poly-carb material). Its just to make the robot nice and cover gaps between braces and the drive chain. Can’t be considered functional right?

Thanks Again,
Team 1973B

You just described its function. Yes, covering gaps in the robot’s structure could definitely be considered functional.

If you want to be really safe, put your decals behind polycarb. Otherwise, have a rigid surface behind them without any large gaps.

As for materials, there’s nothing special about laminated paper. If you want to have stuff printed onto plastic or something, that would be fine as long as it’s still non-functional.

As long as it’s non-functional you can use what you want. Not sure what you mean by cover gaps, but if it’s to protect something it could be considered functional. Otherwise, if it’s just to make it look pretty and the gaps would be the same non-covered it’s fine.

Just make sure that it can’t be seen as a risk of entanglement if they are thin or loose.

There are alot of teams with non-functioning decal backings like you are describing. The safest way is behind plexi. Examples are team 1200 and 1200F, 323z, and my team 6135B. I left an attachment so you can see better.