COVID 19 Eagle Scout Project

Hi I am Saltycb. I am a member of team 916B in South Carolina. I am starting my Eagle Scout project 3D printing equipment for local hospitals. I need several things:

  1. If you have a 3D printer and are in the area i would love your help
  2. If you know of hospitals in South Carolina that need donations email me which hospital and their article asking for help, OR if you or someone you know works there please have their supply department reach out to me.
  3. If you cannot fulfill the above please consider donating to the Gofundme, and share this with whoever you think can help. I will be using this money to cover filament costs and any extra money will go to the hospitals. Here is the link:

Please PM me if you:

A. Are giving me the information of a hospital needing supplies

B. Want to 3D print for my project

C. Are a hospital reaching out for supplies help.

I am currently printing masks developed by MUSC in Charleston and surgical strap extenders. I will print to meet the demand.

Thank you


If you have a 3D printer and would like to help PLEASE reply to this post. I currently am doing great on the funding side but need more 3D printers.


Might want to check this out.

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