Covid Break

So our team has only met twice and was set to start building this week after finishing our chassis sketches/decision matrixes. Our coach has unfortunately been sentenced to 2 weeks quarantine. This only leaves us 21 hours practice time until competition with no robot. Any advice on anything we can do during this down time to further our progress. Just to clarify we have no access to parts. We are already working on finishing sketches and decision matrixes on the rest of the robot, and we are starting to code. Anything else we can do?

Make sure that your notebook is up to date (team bio, engineering design process, game breakdown, potential robot designs that were considered, etc.) Until you get access to parts, you really cannot do any building, so I would recommend starting a CAD of your robot design. This will help you as you build your robot once your team gets access to parts.


You should also start to create some code for your future bot and experiment with the tutorials as I assume you are new. Creating a drivetrain code is a good place to start. If you have a lot of time on your hands or understand text code a bit, go straight to text. The block coding is okay, but you have a lot more options in text and you’re going to want to go to text at some point anyway.


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CAD for sure
add in the game elements and since you cant meet try to solve as many problems as possible in the CAD
once you have some quality CAD your robot will almost go together like legos.
Plus have a seperate notebook section detailing you overcoming the challenges of COVID to work on robotics
Autodesk inventor/fusion360 is good since there are pre existing parts libraries and you can download the part CAD from the vex site


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