Coyfish III in the zone sneak peak

Here is a sneak peak of the current configuration of our ITZ robot

Thats a lot of steel.

Someday I’m going to build a competitive all-steel robot just to show it can be done. :slight_smile:

Competitive, sure. Top-tier, no. We all know it can be done, an aluminum robot would just be better.

Yeah we haven’t had access to aluminum until about a week ago, so we will be replacing much of the lift and claw with aluminum shortly


I did it in Skyrise. Possible if you use the thinnest steel 1x1xn bar. But aluminum would be better.

So I have finished entire robots where I wanted them to heavier. When I made the “little robot that could” I used about half steel before running out and would have preferred it be all steel. (the robot would have bounced around less)

Is that an internal stacker? It’s hard to tell, the video is so coy :wink:

If robotmesh wanted to sponsor a bunch of steel and motors I bet I could come up with something. :wink:

It had 2 pistons for picking up mobile goals so I would assume its an internal stacker.

Okay… To those steel haters, maybe it isn’t a bad idea to make your robot out of steel, especially in a game that’s more drive-based. It should increase your traction if you want an 8 motor drive to push more. Not just, it will be harder for other robots to push you.

This robot doesnt seem to have an 8 motor chassis, also in a game like this with many game pieces speed is very important so being as light as possible is crucial.

True, true true…
I might actually go with what you said, because a steel lift kinda wastes power if you can just go light.