Cpp inheritance breaks yaw rate gyros declared as analog sensors


I have a major conflict between my two yaw rate gyros that have been declared as analog sensors (I’ll just call them gyros) and my user defined classes that are inherenting. The classes that are inherenting have only a constructor within them that take in a sensor, name, and the vex brain. This seems to be enough to brake the gyros. They no longer return ANY value whatsoever regardless of unit. Only when violently shaken will the gyro occasionally return a value of one for a brief second. When the inherenting class is removed, the gyros return normal values. As soon as an object is defined in that class type the gyros go haywire. At the minute I have no code to show because my laptop is dead. However, if an answer will require a peek at my code I can upload it later.

I peeked your code (.h files because that’s all I could find) for the three wire sensors and there are no conflicts I could find. As well, the hardware I am using is practically brand new and functions flawlessly.

Thank you for your anticipated help.

no reason that should be happening. I’m not going to be able to look at any of this until after worlds, but send a simple example if you have something available that demonstrates the problem.