Cranbrook Vex Elevation Competition

Hey Everybody,

 On Saturday, February 14th 2009, Cranbrook schools hosted their second official Vex tournament, (including last year's Bridge Battle) and it went great.  15 teams from around the region competed and it was a great event.   Though there were a few tech issues at the beginning, matches ran smoothly and everybody had a great time.  
 I would like to thank all the volunteers and extend my congratulations to the competitors who made this possible, and I have added a list of the awards given for those who are keeping track.  

Tournament Champion (Alliance of 2 teams): Teams 829A and 829T Digital Goats Warren Robotics

Excellence Award (1): Team 39, The_Zipties

Robot Skills Champion (1) 829T, Digital Goats Warren Robotics

Programming Skills Champion (1) Team 37, Athena Rising

Tournament Finalists (Alliance of 2 teams) Teams 37, Athena Rising and 38, Vexellent

Robot Skills Finalist (1) Team 38, Vexellent

Programming Skills Finalist (1) Team 355A, Cents Fox Valley

Energy Award (team vote and judge’s decision): Team 1122, Renaissance

Sportsmanship Award (team vote and judge’s decision) Team 355A, Cents Fox Valley

Judge’s Awards (2) Team 355B, 3co Fox Valley and Team 1122, Renaissance

I would like to say thank you on behalf of both of the Digital Goats teams. This was an excellent competition and everyone was extremely nice. I have got to say that it was one of the nicest tournaments I have attended, a perfect venue.

The Digital Goats,