Crane challenge!

this is a challenge that involves building a crane, one that can move in all directions (foreward, backward, left, right) then post or attach, in a thread, a picture of the crane/contraption (only Vex Parts, string, tape, weights, and pullys allowed) Must be built before May 01, 2007

the picture must show the ammount of weight it can lift

good luck!

i will also be competing, try too beat me, Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, beware!

i want to change mine to lose because i may not have the time or the parts, but i will try. Also when u say backward forward and sideways do u mean have the base on wheels or have the crane on a turret?

How high/far does it have to move the weight?

wheels or turret, dont worry about direction, it only must lift the weight 12 inches to be successful. it must also be able to move the weight in any horizontal direction at least 12 inches, either 12 inches around in a circle or 12 inches foreward, backward, etc

oh yea, it doesnt have a completion time, just build a bot