Craziest people on your team

tell me about the craziest people on your team.

A few years ago, I was part of an all girls team. Although I support females in STEM (especially because I am indeed a female), these girls were not very invested in VEX… They always wanted to just braid each others hair and didn’t want to do anything but drive the robot (crying when they weren’t allowed to). That was very frustrating (I’m also not exaggerating).

But now, I’m part of a different team that definitely works. They’re crazy (like me) in that they’re willing to stay up until 3 in the morning to fix the autonomous or intake the day of the competition, be willing to skip prom for Worlds (if we make it), and are willing to skip meals to finish the robot. (They’re also crazy in a weird sense. For example, the programmer always calls our captain a cutie and they always end up in a tickle fight and tickle the crap out of each other, but that’s another story entirely).


Sounds like my team (the last not the first) the night before our competition that got us to state we all pulled an all-nighter. Even thayne (this is important because he’s in a wheel chair and is supposed to have decent sleep) we got her done and we r headed to state. We also defaced our couches window because we ran out of whiteboard. We ended up using his big window to his office. We had that filled in like ten minutes. @PhoenixGold


This can go so many ways u know. Like it could mean craziest person in general, craziest thing one member does, craziest thing someone says. This thread is so broad

@ketchup I’m aware. I just like to read about people’s experience. Whatever you think is crazy about your team or a certain person or even a crazy competition you went into. I want it to be broad. :joy:

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Ok majesty. Well. Our builder used to laugh when he used a rotozip

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our team lead and programmer who pulles all nighter auton programming. Somehow does it, our entire team is a bit crazy sometimes.

Haha. My builder likes to kiss pieces of the robot before it goes on for “good luck”. I didn’t realize till hours later but i had this all spelled wrong… my bad. @ketchup

My builder spent all night making an entirely new claw the night before a comp.

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i built almost an entire robot in less than 72 hours solo
And im doing it again right now


I am both the craziest person on my team and least crazy person on my team.


Seems legit. @Railgunawesome

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Me, I think I’m a bit mad ngl, I pull all nighters like u must but I can kinda cad in my head lul, I’ve never caded a bot but everything always fits so exactly that it looks like it was thought of in advanced.

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Currently the team captain and programmer and driver on my “4” person team. Competition days are stressful to say the least.

1 member has been to one meeting, another is only there because I’m his ride to school. So it’s essentially a 2 man team, which is why I have to do so much.


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its 2020 and this somehow makes perfect sense
also, this is me too

All of my team has been working on The Rubber Band Launcher™ for so many more hours than the robot. It shoots fast (up to around 60 mph), reloads quick, hurts (a lot), and doesn’t break the bands. That being said, our robot…doesn’t work…


While me and sky are both kinda weird, my teammate Josef is in both robotics and band, and you become very strange when you do that.

But I will admit that Josef and I start singing our parts in the full orchestra music (I play viola, he plays trumpet) just to mess with Sky.


I would be surprised if it didnt!


We have a running gag that my hoodie pockets are extra dimensional so anytime they need something like a screwdriver or standoff they just say what they need and I immediately have one from my pockets. I am upgrading to a purse for States though.