Craziest people on your team

Now this,… this sounds like somebody who is prepared for anything. I like it. Good luck at state.

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Thank you, the trauma of having lost multiple matches because of a dead battery is drilled into my head.


@AD1481 Yeah that sounds like it sucks. We have a manager sharyse who carries around this big bag just full of newly charged batteries. Also inside this bag is a huge portable charger for the ones we switch out.

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my team does the same with me wearing cargo pants to comps
I need to get some belt pouches or a tool belt tho


like a lot a lot, it rips your skin right off

On my old team there was a girl who wore a tail to competitions and talked to all our alliance partners about her gender and preferences. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, but just the way she told everyone she talked to. She was also super controlling and broke down if you suggested anything other than her way. The result was a lot of lost alliances and matches.

On the other hand, I drink copious amounts of mountain dew before comps.
Guess we will never know who the crazy one really was.


My team stopped at target for snacks on our way to states, and I, as manager, had to stop my team from buying baby food, matchbox cars, a swimsuit, and a video game. That was an interesting trip.


We used to have a builder who would impulse build. He would make any design that he thought of without thinking, mostly constructed of keps nuts and bendy pieces.

Last year we had a guy eat a whole can of raw spam out of a can with a knife


dude same. Like six a day. Mnt. Dew is my weakness. That and chocolate milk.

Craziest kid isn’t on my team but a sister team. We’ll jut be sitting there building and he’ll show up with his Vex Cross™ and just tries to have the power of god compel us.


We had this one kid who’d come in every meeting, take a deck of cards from a locked cabinet (somehow), and then announce ‘Who wants so see me throw cards around the room?’

and then he’d throw the cards around the room.

Ironically, he was the one that would actually sort out all of the loose parts


we throw stuff at greysen. Basically the same. lol. Umm greysen isn’t even on robotics but he comes to everything and spends time in the robotics room with us. We like to make him a target. @Deicer

Send a pic pls

Hey, I took it apart cause they were starting to use people as test subjects

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was it a 20 motor puncher with 2000 rubber bands on it?
sounds fun


No motor but it could also shoot more than 5 at a time
Imagine what it could do with a motor. I would expect at least 120+mph

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My backpack is known to have everything. At one point, I carried a 5lb jewelry anvil around.


All of my teammates for doing a dr4b trybot

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It was definitely me