crazy code projects

Excellent way to start, 1-axis. You should look for a jpearman thread on the motors, however, there are apparent deadbands for the H-bridge drive to the brushed motor around 0 current. You wold normally want the current to be linear from -127 to 127, but the VEX system doesn’t seem to use current as a control point, just PWM duty cycle. I’m not positive about all of this, need to measure some of it and haven’t had time. In any event, it seems to have trouble around 0 and also at the max being 80 or so instead of 127.
These are all things that you will wring out as you do it.

This project sounds very doable, but also challenging. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I’ll try it if I’m ever looking for something to do.

I Think I figured out this but what I am working on now is how to incorporate battery level…

“Re-run” was a craze a couple of years ago. I helped 2915a with their version of it in Toss Up (they used it at worlds). You are going to have a really hard time getting it to copy at 1000 fps, considering the motors only update every 20.

Rather than incorporate velocity control, I would recommend using a velocity control or distance measures (we used velocity control to quite some success).

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

What you can do is in the nothing but net game, when you start your autonomous, you go across the field to do layup shoots. However, if you get rammed by the opponent, you use the gyro sensor and write an AI function that automatically runs the goal while avoiding the robot in the middle, then shoot 4 balls.

How about using some ultrasonic sensors to find the robot on the opposing alliance that does that and runs into them to throw off their auton :stuck_out_tongue:

then you won’t score either?

But it’s a good defense.

Not always;) the last time I plowed into an enemy robot during autonomous My robot pushed their launcher so it was angled toward my net… Then their robot fired… Into my net!