Crazy things you builders do

What are some of the crazy things that vex builders do?

One programmer for our team saw the
What are some of the crazy things that vex programmers do?
post and then wanted revenge so we just dished our builders.

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make spinny file of death i dont have video because everyone was too busy running for their lives
make spinny ratchet of sterilness
same as spinny file but a socket wrench and then it hit about where you would expect

Seems just the slightest bit murderous

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not as murderous as um the anglegrinder being used as a drill

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insert characters


Build an unbalanced 2 motor (V4) drivetrain (heavier on one side) and then spend a whole competition trying to figure out why the left side stalls out in every match (I’m also a builder on my team).

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builds a 10000+ rpm gearbox with no bearings


The builder in team made a compact 5 layer gear box (made of only big gears and small metal gears) for Turning point, and it went so fast that it created enough push force to move our robot forward. Then he added a sixth layer to it to see if the robot would have more pushing force, but it just fried the motors of our launching mechanism.

I don’t mean to one up all of you but our builder deleted the code coz he was jealos we were done

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code and drive lol
20 char

One of the builders on my team set out to build a six bar lift but accidentally built a scissor lift instead


HOW do you do this?

We Builders build the robot, have it programmed by the programmer, take it apart and rebuild it, and then make the Programmer reprogram it to his/her annoyance


Also, we starting building a fever dream idea that never in a million years is going to work, refuse to communicate with the team, build and rebuilding )several times if needed), sit thinking for several hours at a time, pout, and finally have the robot finished the day before the competition


Or just drive your mentor insane by not having it built by the deadline. ever


We broke our Dremel’s RPM control. So now everything is done at 10000 RPM :sunglasses:


Put a 1/8 inch drill bit in it and see if it bends

We used a 16807:1 compound gear ratio for our drivetrain. Moved real fast :laughing:


Not build our robot.


Joke’s on you I dont have a mentor

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