CREATE Event Videos

I know CREATE is free to run their events however they like, but I really wish they’d modify the video requirements. That the videos be one continuous shoot with no cuts/edits is really difficult. VRC eliminated that requirement from the STEM videos. I wish CREATE would do the same. With limited time, it would be nice to submit the same STEM video and use a similar format for the team video.

Anyone else find the no cuts/edits part of the CREATE requirements onerous?

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Lets see, it was a face to face interview / presentation. So that would be the same as no cuts / no edits. I’d suggest doing it a few times and sending the “best” one.

Good luck!

I am used to shooting multiple takes of the whole thing. That’s what frustrates the kids.

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Having done videos submissions for EDR, I can imagine that “no cuts” would be extremely difficult. However, since everyone is in the same boat, they can’t expect perfection. Just do your best. I like the suggestion of doing three and picking the best.

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I love the idea of no cuts for IQ. It would level the paying field, take the editing out of the whole thing, and it would make it more like the original STEM project.

You want this to be about the content, not about the fancy editing.

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A team that already has a video done will have to recreate the video for the US Open. The reason is that you have to identify the event at the beginning of the video. It’s an unnecessary use of time.

We already teams with a one-cut video, the students have to waste more time on a video simply for the first 15 words.

It’s also problematic that the STEM Video uses an entirely different Rubric that never quite actually matches the STEM Presentation topic that the students worked on all year. Just use the REC Rubric.


Plus the REC Rubric allows for different formats that are easier for the kids, particularly some pre teens an d young teens who don’t want to be on camera etc.

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