CREATE Foundation and US Open

Did anyone think the notice from CREATE makes it sound that they will be shutting down?

CREATE, as a small non-profit will do everything we can to refund all teams the maximum amount of their registration fee. We ask for your patience and understanding as we work through existing financial commitments; please understand that we already have a large non-recoverable sum spent in preparation of this event and remaining cash collected for this event is below what is possible for a 100% refund. It is impossible to make any promises given the difficult situation we find ourselves in at this time, but we will still endeavor to get as close to 100% refund as possible.

I want to thank all the teams that were registered this year and a special thanks to all those teams that come year after year. We are truly sorry it has come to this. I also want to send my deepest appreciation to all of the wonderful volunteers we have had through the years at the U.S. Open. This is indeed a sad end to a wonderful event and program.

However, I prefer to focus on all the good that has been accomplished these past 12 years. We wish each team the best of luck in the future. We wish for everyone to stay healthy.

Its a sad end to a wonderful event and program? What has been accomplished these past 12 years? This makes me think that losing money from the venue and issuing refund may break the organization, which I would be sad to hear. This is our 6th year as a team and we have been every year. One thing we are quite proud of is all of our girls have had a post season of some sort - which included a trip to Iowa to play on a large scale every year so far. I hope this is not the case, as although its a long drive from Michigan, we did meet some great people and play some top level teams that challenged the girls many times that our local season did not.

I wondered if anyone else read the email this way, and of course, I hope this is not the case.

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It sounds to me that they are at the brink and that one of the path forwards is to go bankrupt or get creditors to forgive some of the debt.

I received a similar note from the theater that we are season ticket holders to, the next few events have been canceled.

On the other hand it could be a moment of frustration with having roboteers and coaches hounding them on why was it canceled, why not move it, why is now my teams fault, you are crushing the dreams of roboteers, this is super wrong I paid money and want satisfaction, I want free tickets to next years events, we want you to produce awards for the things that could be done outside like skills, etc. (just a paraphrase of some of the comments made elsewhere)

They could be having a “ya know, I actually don’t need to do this” moment. I’d say let the dust settle, wait for the final announcements and LEAVE THEM ALONE until they sort it out.

While my favorite phrase is “People are why we can’t have nice things” , it’s sliding into “People that think they are entitled are why we can’t have nice things.” Be the person your grandmother wants you to be.


Yeah, I gotta agree. Right now we are all winging it. There isn’t many answers. We all need settle down and evaluate and give those in charge some time to be able to answer questions… not bombard with questions.


They have cancelled the US Open as of this morning.