CREATE lost its domain

Our team is going to the CREATE U.S. opens, and we need to submit our video. The only problem is that CREATE has seemingly lost their domain, and with it what needs to be included in the video. Does anyone happen to have the criteria for this?

Attached. Also put in the Code of Conduct, since it’s pretty important and I had it in the same folder.
VideoInterviewJudgingRubric-VRC-OPEN.pdf (71.3 KB)
CREATETournamentCodeofConduct.pdf (109 KB)
VideoJudgingGuidelines-VRC-OPEN.pdf (120 KB)
VideoJudging-EventPartnerProcedure-VRC-OPEN.pdf (106 KB)

Yup I realized the same exact thing. Why, they say? I have no idea either. Most probably the CREATE foundation forgot to pay a monthly/annually payment, so the website got down. I think they will bring it back up I’m pretty sure.

@kypyro Thank you.