CREATE Open 2019 Start Up

Which teams are headed to the CREATE Open tournament this year in Iowa? If you are and you are planning to do skills, how are you guys going around the orb and having the vex cortex power on with it rather than a competition controller? (We use the older Vex Cortexes, not V5 btw. Hate that I have to clarify that now lol).

What you are referring to i believe is the Open division. Did you in fact sign up for that? If so feel free to send me a PM and i can explain how the reoff system works

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Hey can you do the same for me and my team as well? we are entirely stuck on how this whole reoff thing is supposed to work.

PM me and I could help you with this

We are new to the open and are trying to figure out the reoff systems. Can you help me with it?


Why are Open Division questions always answered through PM? Why not post it on the forum as a reference?

Is this the open division?

The link you just posted is for the Highschool VRC division

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Here is a overview I gave to a team over PM.

Ok Iā€™m not as knowledgeable on the V5 ReOff because they were just released at the Nebraska state tournament on March 1. I used the Cortex to compete in local tournaments. I believe that it should work similar to the Cortex ReOff. You simply plug in your battery to the ReOff and the ReOff plugs into the Brain. This allows the control tower to give power to all robots at once since non vex control systems are allowed. I hope this helps. I also know there will be people helping the teams unfamiliar with the ReOff at the event.

That is the VRC division, not the open.

Team 1200Z will be there!

The CREATE Foundation has now created a forum for the OPEN Division.

Here is the link