CREATE Open Division Reoff Questions

We have registered for the Open Division of the CREATE US Open in April. We have a Vex V5 EDR robot that we will modify for the competition. Can anyone give some advice on how to convert a Vex V5 EDR robot to meet the Open Division rules? Specifically, we need guidance on how to integrate the Reoff module (Remote On Off):

(1) We are assuming the Reoff sits between the V5 Smart Battery and the V5 Brain. When the match (or skills run) is started, the Reoff flips a switch and connects the V5 Battery to the V5 Brain. What is the purpose of the ethernet cable that connects to the Reoff? Do we literally manually yank it out of the robot (from the side of the arena) after the auton starts?

(2) After the Reoff remotely connects the battery to the V5 Brain, how do we get a program to run automatically when the V5 Brain boots up? Currently, we have to select a program and run it from the display interface after the Brain boots.

(3) After the V5 Brain boots up, we have to start our Auton based upon a light that pulses white for one second on the Reoff device. Do we just integrate a Vex Light Sensor into a 3-wire port on the V5 Brain and watch it for sensor values?

Thanks for any insight or advice!

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