Create PID Class in VEXcode

So I am a beginner in VEXcode and I recently heard about PIDs. I would like to implement them for autonomous so the robot can drive straight and so our DR4B can raise and drop without tipping to one side, but I have been told to make this PID loop into a class. How would I do that in VEXcode? I have been trying to google about classes and functions for VEXcode, but I cannot seem to find any useful websites or forums to help. Any help would be awesome.

V5 motors have PID built into them. You don’t need to program PID loop yourself, until you learn C++ enough to be confident.

Please, consider using V5 motor drivetrains while you beginning to

There are a lot of autonomous examples in topics linked on the bottom of jprarman’s post.

For example this Strange problem with autonomous
or this setting a timer for an autonomous operation
or this Auton With 4 motor base?

Also, good PID topic here Exiting a PID loop