Create u.s. Open 2014 - 2015

Just thought I would start a thread to see who else was going to the CREATE US OPEN on April 7th - 9th. We are registered and look forward to competing. We hope to see some of the best teams there.:smiley:

So who else is going?

As of right now, we plan on attending.

The 200 team capacity is going to make for some quite intense competition. That’s a big leap from the 86 teams that came last year. It seems like with those numbers they might have as many as 4 divisions. If the venue fills up, it will be a whole lot more like a mini-Worlds than what it’s been in the past.

It looks like it’ll be a lot of fun, we’re definitely looking forward to this one. :smiley:

We have two teams qualified, hoping to get one more if not two more in before the end of the season.

We are registered. But if we qualify for Worlds at our State competition at the end of January, we would cancel the US Open trip in lieu of Worlds.

We have never been to the US Open. We were fortunate enough to go to Worlds the past two years though, and that has been a blast.

I agree it looks like a lot of fun. We look forward to competing with some of the best bots in the U.S.

323Z hopes to attend this year :slight_smile: I have gone to US Nationals since 2012, and CREATE has always done a fantastic job! Good luck to all teams attending!

I have to say the U.S. Open has come a long way, and I think it’s my favorite tournament of the year. I remember when it was 17 middle school teams at the Omaha Civic Auditorium in 2009 (it was called the Championship of the Americas back then). It’s bounced around a couple times and grown and shrunk but I’ve always gone (either as a competitor or an announcer) and it’s always been awesome.

It kinda reminds me of what Worlds was like when the game was Elevation, with the size increase and everything. Plus the US Open has always had an after party, like Worlds used to have back in the day. It’s a nice way to relax after the stress of the competition.

That being said, the best part of the US Open is how it’s run. They always have great judges, refs, and other staff. I can’t remember a single competition where I had a bad experience (even when the lights went out in the auditorium in 2013).

Not sure if 4405 is going to be attending this year, they haven’t qualified yet. Hopefully they’ll qualify, because if they do, they’re definitely going.

Currently we are planning on attending. I haven’t been to it before but all I’ve heard is good so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Team 231z will be attending. Hope to see you there.

We will be there, this tournament is always a great time. It is always well run and very competitive. Having the VEX division and the Open division makes for some interesting competitions. Seeing the Open Robots and the innovation in them is great new twist to robotics.

1061C and 1061D plan on coming. Looking forward to a great tournament.

I’m hopefully going this year! It’ll be cool competing with my good pals Leonidas once more :wink: First woodward, then state.

Right now it looks like 35, 35A, 35B, 37, and 39 will come from Cranbrook to compete in the High School division and 36 and 38 will compete in the Open division. If any of those teams qualify for worlds, though, they will probably go to Louisville instead. See you all there!:slight_smile:

How would they qualify for worlds at this point? States is done and no MI team is in the top 30 in the world skills rankings.

They could get in off of the wait list. It happened to 39 last year, it could happen again this year.

My team 1200C from S.M.C. in Neenah Wisconsin and 3 other teams from our club are going!!! :):):):slight_smile:

My team 1200F is going, as well as 3 other teams in our club. We are looking forward to an awesome competition. :smiley:

My team 5447B from Massachusetts is super excited to be attending this year for the first time!

My team 1200 is going, as well as three other teams in our club :smiley:

my team, 5509A will also be going. I look forward to seeing you all there.

A big question is why this thread even exists. The entire list of the teams who are competing at the U.S. Open is found right here.