Create U.S Open Reoff

Hey so my team is going the Create U.S Open this year for the first time and we were reading the Rules Addendum and found the word “Reoff”. We have no idea what this means… any help? We have the V5 system. Do we have to buy something for the Reoff?


Depends… are you going to be in the Us Open VRC division or the Us Open OPEN division?

  • VRC Division is regular
  • Open Division is somewhat different & includes a reoff and various misc rules changes

We are going to the Open division

The Open division has some unique twists, including the required use of a Reoff (which must be purchased and shipped to you well in advance of the event!).

Take a look at the info here: US Open Buddy Bots?

In the above, I included a link to the US Open - Open Division rules that I’m going to re-post:

  • Read the Rules Addendum carefully, as there are a variety of things that change in the open division (this also includes info on the Reoff).
  • The email from the US Open should have included information on the Reoff and how to purchase it.
  • I’m pretty sure a light sensor is required too (at least for auton) - it interacts with the Reoff maybe?

Thank You! I was just doing some research and found out that the Reoffs are provided by the competition.


Wow, that’s cool!

I looked back at the email I got mid-Feb when we thought we might do the Open Division and it tells you how to purchase the reoff under the section titled “Open Compliant” and says it costs $149 (more for V5) and must be gotten prior to the event…

Open Compliant: A VRC robot can easily be converted to be Open compliant. You simply need to add a “reoff” (remote on/off) device. This electronic device must be purchased prior to
attending the event. The cost is $149.00. (Slightly more for VEX V5 robots.) To purchase a Reoff, simply provide shipping and billing information in an email to

You might want to call them directly and confirm.

From item 4 under “Game Modifications”:

The proper way to start the autonomous portion of the match is to use a light sensor next to the LED on the base unit of the Reoff. It will flash white at the start of autonomous and with one second remaining in autonomous will flash white again.

An important point: Unlike in ‘normal’ VRC, the robot code you write is responsible for stopping before autonomous ends. Under normal VRC, the autonomous code you write can take arbitrarily long to execute, and the competition template will just cut it off when the field control hardware tells it to. In this case, all the field control system does is flash a light at you, and it’s on your code to stop everything on time.

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Does anyone know why this is? Are control systems non-Vex allowed? (Never been, sorry) It just seems like an extra pain to not just use the pre-fab competition control system Vex makes and uses.

Teams are allowed to use any control system they want the ReOff allows the field control to connect to each robot with one common device

CREATE has also launched a forum where you can ask questions about the ReOff and Open Division

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