Create U.S. Open Videos available

OK folks here is the path to purchase the videos from the CREATE US open. I have not downloaded them all yet, however I did purchase the Ne/IA regional from this group and it was top shelf. From what I understand the videos include everything from Saturday only. $15 buys all divisions MS/Open/HS green/HS Black. Please support this group, I have no affiliation but I would like them to continue what they are doing. This is the company that did the livestream for the event, they are

Check them out, if nothing else the $15 is well spent to see the “BOAT Loader” in the Open division where the rules are a little different. The bot had 2 chunks of lead in the back and weighed about 90lbs, and lifted other bots outside the field.

Would you be able to post where you got these links? I would rather not click on links that ask me to pay 15$ from someone who joined the forum 7 hours ago.

Also i don’t know if people want to buy them before seeing at least how they look maybe just a screenshot to show the camera angle and video quality…

I received this link from Taylor Seibert [email protected]. And Thunder that is a smart move, I have been here a long time but as a parent never had a reason for an account. After reading my post again it does look pretty sketchy, but again I have nothing to do with this company and only want to see it succeed. These are the guys that livestreamed the event that not many knew about. It looks like they mostly do small town athletic events in Nebraska. is the website, and here is a screen print.

Sorry for the scare.