CREATE US Open Elims Restream with Rewind

Hi everyone,
It seems that this year CREATE is hosting their livestream on platform that does not allow for rewinding/replaying of video. Since its generally pretty nice to be able to go back and watch matches for a variety of reasons, I am restreaming all 4 HS division elimination matches to youtube where you can rewind to your heart’s content.

Some details:

  • The individual streams are in 720p, so I am streaming in 4x720p = 1440p, which means there shouldn’t be any quality lost.
  • The recording will be available afterwards as well.
  • There is no audio because 1. I can’t really stream the audio from 4 divisions at once and 2. The US Open uses a lot of copyrighted music on their streams which would pretty quickly get the stream taken down on youtube.

I also have a partial recording of some of the afternoon matches from yesterday (3-24-23):


Unfortunately it looks like CREATE has turned off the TM overlay for all divisions, so it’s not really that easy to tell what match is being played :confused:

I can’t really do much about it unfortunately.


Looks like the TM overlay has been enabled again!