What is the CREATE US open?

The CREATE Foundation runs a tournament every year called “The U.S. Open National Championships.” It is an event that usually falls a month or so before Worlds that brings teams from all over the nation. To qualify, you need to win a local tournament or win the robot skills award. My club sent a team there last year and it was fun. We will send another this year. To be honest, it is a pretty expensive endeavor, but it is fun. It also makes good for practice for teams that are going to Worlds because you are getting experience against other teams from the United States who may also be competing at Worlds. Hope to see you there!

Is there any pictures of the field of this year’s OPEN division game? I know it’s a modified version of starstruck - we are planning on sending a team over in addition to our highschool starstruck team.

Also, the U.S. Open is great to go to if you didn’t qualify for Worlds because it still gives you the feel of a bigger and more competitive competition. It doesn’t have game reveals and stuff, but they do get bouncy houses and stuff for free (with tournament registration) and it’s loads of fun.

P.S. Other countries besides the U.S. can come, too. We’ve had teams from places like Hong Kong and Canada compete before. That’s why they stopped calling it the “National Championship” and started calling it the “U.S. Open”.

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I second this. The U.S. Open last year was possibly the best 3 days of my life, even though we didn’t do ~too~ well.

Here is the link to the OPEN Division Rules Addendum

Hello, we are a fairly new team and we were wondering how to get to worlds.
Does a team have to win tournament champion or excellence or robot skills at The U.S. Open National Championship in order to qualify for worlds?

No, there are a few ways to qualify for worlds, most of the time its winning, being a finalist, winning skills, and or get the excellence award in your regional tournament. there was also a couple of online challenges and a few other ways of qualifying .

@DuxEsto So every team that has either won a tournament, skills, or excellence award do they qualify for worlds or is it like the top 50 at skills from each country qualify for worlds?

@Team624K I believe the top 50 for skills qualify but its in your state/regional competition that you qualify for worlds. For instance the tournament to qualify to worlds for us is the VRC Heartland Regional Robotics Championship. Usually if you win a tournament you’ll qualify for your state/regional tournament to compete for worlds.

@DuxEsto So does the U.S. Open National Championship affect what teams go to worlds?

As far as I know (from the UK), no. It’s run independently from VEX and does not qualify for any events

no, its just another tournament to go to for both people who make it to worlds and don’t. It kinda like a mini worlds.