Creating an Intranet at worlds

Hey All! So I heard there usually isnt wifi at the competition venue. Two related questions to that

Would it be ok if I created a wired intranet and would anyone else be interested in having a wired intranet for the worlds teams to communicate without wifi

Are walkie talkies ok ? I am talking about broadcasting on a uv-5r set to 1w mode on the FRS band.

Please don’t use a Baofeng to broadcast on the FRS band. It is illegal to do so.


I haven’t really messed with radio stuff for a couple of years now so I could be wrong with this, but I think you can transmit on some FRS frequencies as long as you stay under 2w

and this website appears to confirm that, unless I’m missing something important here Family Radio Service (FRS) | Federal Communications Commission

It’s not simply the wattage. Radios must be specifically type accepted for Part 95 use (FRS) by the FCC. Part of this certification includes things like “must not include a detachable antenna” and “must not be capable of transmitting on non-FRS frequencies”, both of which Baofengs violate.

The FCC can and does enforce its rules, and the fines are high. Just stick to legal FRS radios.

§ 95.313 Penalties for violations of the Communications Act or FCC rules.

Operators of Personal Radio Service stations may be assessed penalties for violations of the Communications Act and the FCC Rules.

(a) If a Federal court finds that a Personal Radio Service station operator has willfully and knowingly violated any provision of the Communications Act, that operator may be fined up to $10,000 or be imprisoned for a period not exceeding one year, or both. Upon a subsequent violation, the imprisonment may be for a period not exceeding two years. See § 501 of the Communications Act (47 U.S.C. 501).


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