Creating build instructions

Hi, is there a tool available for creating build instructions (similar to the ones available on the VEX website for models like Striker etc.)?


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My team few years ago took part in some Lego Mindstorm competition and with “Studio 2.0” program we could design our own designs with an automatically guide builder.

I don’t know if exists a method to import vex pieces to this program or for the other hand if exists another similar solution where you can import your own pieces :thinking:.

Fusion 360 works nicely you can even create assembly step movies. Capture screen shots of exploded views etc.

Thanks, yes - I have started down this path.

This is related, but maybe a new topic, but I’ll try here first anyway. Does anyone know of a naming convention to describe the various holes on a C-Channel? E.g. “hole 2 on center of long side of 1x2x1 c-channel”. I’m going to make one up, but if one already exists that would be better. I couldn’t find one searching the forums …


Pictures or diagrams might be better, I could see those getting really confusing when referring to the ones on the flanges: “13th hole when the flat side of the c-channel is held to the left”
As far as I know there is no naming convention though

There is no general naming convention. In this case, I find a picture works best.