Creating .DXF 3D model for sub surface laser etching

Hi there, newbie to fusion 360 here. I am looking to alter company 2D logos into 3D solid models and then save/export the finished product as a .DXF file to incorporate into my dots software.
When I purchased the sub surface laser etching machine, they also sent me dozens of premade 3D examples and these I CAN upload and open in fusion 360, so I imagine it therefore must be possible to do?
When I open the premade examples in Fusion they have multiple bodies that are meshed.

so far I can create a sketch, extrude etc. I Know that on the final sketch I can right click and save as dxf but that doesn’t work if loaded to my dots software.
I guess what im asking is the steps required to get a 3D model saved/exported from out of fusion that can be opened in my dots software for laser etching?
many thanks

Probably better to ask on Chief Delphi