Creating Page For Team (Vex Wiki - Team Lists)

Hi, i was looking over this page on the vex wiki page ( and i was wondering how i can make a page for my team - team5119 ?

Liam Grazier
Elected Team Leader Of Team 5119
Bodge Job (5119)

OK, so first go click on Team List on the VEX Wiki.

Scroll down to the 5001-6000 spot and on the right you should see a little button that says “Edit”. Click that.

Then right under the

stick this under it.

Then click save page a describe what you did. You just created a Wiki page for your team.

Then click on the team page and on the top you should see another button that says “Edit”. Click that and you can add content.

Here is a template you can use for your team info.

That is the template I am using for my teams Wiki page

If you need help let me know! I can help you with the editing if you want :smiley:

Also, you may not have the right privileges. I didn’t when I first started. You have to ask for them.

Cheers ! Thats Great !

i cant see the edit button, obviously dont have privileges …

Oh really… Let me create if for you and see if you can edit the page…

Whats your team name?

|name=The Bodge Job
|school=North Bromsgrove, UK
|location=Indianapolis, IN
|size=4 Members

OK, here it is:

You can also look at the link from the Team List Wiki page now…

Ok, thats great ! … thank you ! Just needed something like that as a link …

Are you able to edit the page and add more content?

If not, just ask for the privileges…

No, this comes up …

“Permission error
You do not have permission to edit pages, for the following reason:
The action you have requested is limited to users in the group Users.”

Try it now and let us know.

Yes Thats Great ! … thanks

I can’t find the edit button on this page. For some reason, they don’t show up for me.

Go ahead and try it again.

Does everyone start off with no privileges? Do we always have to ask at first?

Ah, that’s better! Thanks!

Hey, I looked at your Wiki page and saw that your logo wasn’t showing. I got the logo to show on your Wiki page now:

Here is my old teams Wiki page:[

It has a lot of content compared to my new teams page :D]("

I really like your Team Web Page…

You have basic Information, including a Gallery of your Robots, and Thank You’s for your Sponsors, including links to their Web Sites…

Best of Luck to your Team, for this Season…

Here is my old teams Wiki page:[

It has a lot of content compared to my new teams page :D]("

Oh, thanks for that! I was wondering how to get that working…

Thank you! We put a lot into our site to impress current/potential sponsors.

How do I add the team logo to the image?