Creating Page For Team (Vex Wiki - Team Lists)

I made a Wiki page concerning you question. Hope this helps:

Here it is on the thread.

To add an image to a teamtable follow the following steps.

Use this as your template:

Go ahead and fill in the correct information using the above template.

To add an image to where the “Going To Add Image file name Here” is, put the image file name there.

For example, I have the VEX Logo on my computer, the file name is: vex-logo.jpg
Stick the vex-logo.jpg in where the “Going To Add Image file name Here” is.
So you should have this:

Once you have the Image:filename you should be able to click on the link once you have saved you page.

So I then click the link that says “Image:vex-logo.jpg”. It will then let me upload an image. Do that.

So know the image should show up. It will be big or small. It depends on how big the original image dimensions are. To make the image smaller or bigger, you have to do the following.

After the file name add an “|” and a number then px. I.e. Image:vex-logo.jpg|250px
It should then make you image smaller.

There you have it!

PM @Jesse323Z if you have any questions.

Thank You very Much. That worked perfectly.

Thank you! I’m glad I could help!

Could you please help me with that too? I apparently am not yet privileged enough either.

Try it again. (It looks like some user accounts were created without wiki privileges.)

Thanks! Worked fine.

Most everybody that had a VexForum account before the Wiki went live got setup with Wiki access…

It seems that the VexForum accounts created since the Wiki went live are not setup…

( at least that is what I have observed… )

I cant view any wiki pages, anyone know why?

The creator probably stopped hosting the page (or paying for it to be hosted) due to either inactivity or lack of connection to the Vex Competition after graduating

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Ok thanks! (20 char)

I may want to try this too. I might also need help

Look how long ago this thread is from - SEVEN YEARS :slight_smile: that might help understand why you can’t view anymore. VEX has reorganized its pages…

However, you can go to: