Creating your own team

My daughter is headed into 7th grade, she participated in Robotics club this year in 6th grade, she loved building and is now taking coding classes at community college. She loves building and coding and driving however she is not to fond of the drama that comes with a minimum of 6 team mates. When at worlds we met Robo Baller who is a 12 year old who does it all on his own. Does anyone know how to do this? Register her for her own number and such?

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Go to and create an account. To register a team, you’re looking at $150 for the first team registered and $100 for each additional teams in your organization. You can register your own team number and team name. If you’re creating a team number in your account, then you have to register your for competition events through that account. Event registration can vary from $25-$60 (per event you attend) depending on who is hosting the competition events.

Hope this helps!

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The cost of the initial purchase is high, but at her age she could use all this stuff for 6 years… So I would go for it 100%.

While she will be a team of one, having everything to yourself will give her the opportunity to invite other kids onto the team that have the same passions that your kid does. You’re going to have a whole club on your hands before you know it. :slight_smile:


If you want help choosing a team number for VRC, I have a spreadsheet I made with a (partial) list of team numbers that are likely available.

Edit: Here is the list. So far it includes numbers from 1-1000, and 1700-2100. I have analyzed some other numbers, too, and will add them to the list (possibly on a different page) later.

Does it work like that? I thought our team numbers were just the next highest number when we joined? For instance, my team, team 24, was the 24th team to join VEX.

I know from @meng that in the early years of VEX, the team numbers were partly based on the region you were from. (80xx was Singapore, 29xx was New Zealand, and 1 or 2-digit numbers were probably the U.S.)

I suppose the second half of the number could have been based on the order the team was registered at first, but (according to a thread from Skyrise), by the time 64 (@tabor473) and 323 joined, teams were able to choose a number themselves, or have it randomly assigned by VEX.

On a side note, it’s still possible to get a 3-digit number assigned to your team randomly: I’ve heard 910X, who registered last season, got their number assigned to them randomly, after they tried a few other numbers that weren’t available.

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Congratulations on joining the independent teams! We went rogue last year and had quite a season. It is possible to get by on a budget using used parts and staying with the cortex controls. We purchased a full used kit on ebay - like a full set of parts valued new at $4500 - for $750 plus shipping. We sold off the stuff that we didn’t feel we needed and made that back. Over the season we purchased parts we needed, sometimes used as well, and did pretty good.

The team was 7 middle school girls, eaching pitching in $200 for the season. We got a grant for $500, did a couple fund raisers for $1000 as well, plus some random pitching in from parents. Overall, we went to 7 competitions, a multi day league event, states and the Create US open.

It is completely doable. Be on the look out for stuff on ebay, now that the 2019 season is over. You can find some bargains.