Creative/interesting Autonomous

Have you seen any creative or interesting autonomous

Not really, auton is pretty straightforward this game, unlike last season.

A lot of teams go for a stack on the mogo, then place it in a zone. Others will go for a high stack on the stationary. Some just full on ram into you to mess up your autonomous. It’s pretty seasoned this year IMO.

I saw one that got one of the 4 center mogos (the correct color), with the preload, in the 5pt zone. Pretty impressive anti defense auto.

134D has a double defensive auto that pushes their preload cone in the path of one robot, then gets in the way of the other robot. Their drive is ridiculously fast and always beats the robots to their own goals.

One of my teams is working on one that puts the preload on the stationary then goes for a corner mogo, picks up a cone to put on it, then scores that mogo in choice of 20,10, or 5. Right now, it puts the cone on and picks up the mogo in about 7 seconds. We will see if they can finish it today because state is tomorrow.

At our last tournament a team said they had an auton that scored in the 20 pt zone , then pushed the oppositions middle mobile goals into different corners

My team was going to write a support autonomous that just went for cones, but we didn’t have time. We also once had an auton that placed the preload on the stationary and then drove into one of the opponents autons.