Credit Card Stolen after Vex Purchase

Just curious, did anyone else get their credit card information stolen right after purchase of Vex parts directly from Vex?

I used a CC last week to buy the Rise Above kit along with some other parts and within a week a fraudulent charge was made on that card. I’ll note that card has not been used for any in store or online purchase in months (one online purchase in Feb, one online purchase in Dec). Card was collecting dust…and that was the reason I used it for this purchase.

Keep in mind here, I’m not trying to point fingers. I just want to see if this is a problem with others or what is going on. Every time I have a card stolen I look back to see what abnormal purchase I have made that could have triggered it and this time it’s my Vex purchase.

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This would be a very serious issue if true. Did you make any other online purchases recently? Did you use an ATM or buy gas recently? Did you leave your credit card somewhere for too long?


sounds like a serious issue that needs to be dealt with. I don’t think you’ll get any answers from the forum though, probably should contact vex directly if you haven’t already.


I mean stolen CC numbers do happen. As stated, no other purchased had been made with this card in store or online. I haven’t used an ATM since 1996 and I never bought gas with this card as I have another card I use for ALL in person purchases. I also have another card I use for reoccurring bills and what I call “standard” online purchases like Amazon. I ONLY. Let me repeat ONLY use this card for one off internet purchases. I bought a watch from MVMT in December and bought some watch bands in February with it.

CC number theft happens. But I find it odd this thing collects dust, I use it, and bam it’s stolen. And no card has been in my wallet and/or my wife’s purse (Which she doesn’t take to work, it stays at home or on her person). Just asking the question if anyone else had this problem right after getting Vex parts.

Vex Store is secure at check out. You require to have a account and also at check out the site is regularly monitored for security issues like malware, malicious links, and phishing. For example it is scanned from Google, Phistank, McAfee, SSL. Safer than some online stores for sure. BUT, without said nothing is perfect so maybe you got hacked or connection interrupted. But if anything I am going to have to say that it came from somewhere else. Also are team and other team we know never had any problem with something like this.

Sounds more likely that it is on your end (no offense!). I would consider a factory reset to try to get rid of any keyloggers your computer might have, but I’m not a cybersecurity expert.

Yeah. Definitely not in my end. Use this PC and same connection to buy car parts from RockAuto and Advance Auto with a different credit card. 4 purchases in the last few weeks. And I don’t have those two sites store my number. I entered it in manually just like I did at Vex.

Not to mention it’s a corporate (Major corporation) owned PC that has more locks and safeguards than you can shake a stick at.

And not to be rude. But the ONLY question I asked was did this happen to someone else. If it didn’t happen to you. Then move on. If it did then Please comment.

Windows computer? Just checking.

Yes. Windows 10.

I have Comcast Business service with “SecurityEdge”.

Yes, I have a similar experience. I ordered Change Up game elements on Wednesday and on Saturday there were a couple of bogus charges from “IHEALTH LABS INC” on my statement.

I use this card on Amazon and when buying from local stores regularly, so it wasn’t obvious where the breach occurred. But this now sounds more than a coincidence.


Well then. 1 more and we have a pattern.


I personally am VERY careful how and where I use my cards. I have 3 cards. One I use in store only, I physically use this card in person every time I use it, a second card I use for reoccurring bills and places like Amazon that I let store my card. Then I have this third card I use for one off internet purchases on sites I trust. I also do an occasional virtual card from a card of my choice when I make a purchase from sites I do not trust. I don’t play games with my CC’s. I’m very methodical about them… and I wouldn’t be here if I just use them willy nilly and felt like this was my fault.


I love paypal so much, not just because of its ease but because of its security. Paypal is like a one way gate where it redirects money from you -> paypal -> seller so the seller will never know your credit card information yet they will still receive money. In addition, PayPal has protection:

Also, I use Apple pay for payments on the go generally as the credit card numbers are hard to get from Apple Pay (unless the seller is some madman hacker which is very unlikely) and I always have my phone on me.


Keyloggers don’t always pick up all of the numbers. At the very least, run Malwarebytes to check if anything fishy is on your computer, because 90% of people who get viruses are absolutely certan they don’t have a virus.

Paypal is good, but for websites which don’t take it, is pretty good. It basically sets up a proxy card which you can limit to 1 website, 1 purchase, or a set amount.

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This PC is monitored nonstop by IT for viruses and malware et. al.

Again, I can get a one time use virtual card from any of my CC companies. which is what you describe as a “proxy” card. I’ve used virtual cards when buying directly from let’s say China.

Again, I’m looking for people who had this happen to them . Not seeking advice on my PC or how I make internet purchases.

Ya I quite like Privacy.

Been using it for a few years. You make a virtual credit card. You can make the cards either 1 time use or 1 store limit. So If someone gets your VEX store card they can’t use it anywhere other than VEX store, along with the monthly limits on your virtual card.



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