Have you ever gone to the area where you view whose online?
I went there the other day and saw a ton of slurp spiders…

Try google searching your User name…
Trust me youd be suprised how much comes up…

Creepy how much everything is known about you by at least 1 other person…

only 4 things popped up for me!

~my site
~my secondary site
~my name on the vex forum
~My profile on the ve…


R u on livejournal…

With me i probobly got so much just being related to a cannon

but no whats livejournal?

I mean on mine i search and i get everything from myspace (which i dont have) to even news! (which i surley dont work for since im only a freshman!)

guys, on google i had at least 50 results that were me. its kinda wierd.:eek:

kind of funny, and

livejournal is a poet thingy…I’m not on it!!!

Guests list:

I had 5 results

I go to “view whose online” when I’m bored on this site.

I got about 15 results.

“MarkO” appearers quiet prevalent… but “Mark D. Overholser” is another matter…

That is creepy! I only got 2 things though. That shows how well Google works!

wow thats wierd i got like 20 for robokid87 and like 550 for my real name thats creepy

Mine came up with vital statistics, which I am positive i DID NOT PUT ONLINE. I am currently going into hiding:eek:

All it takes is for Someone Else to place your “vital statistics” on-line…

There’s too much on the screen name Drego… It turns out it’s a book and a country in Itally, also… Here I thought I had an origional screen name…

weird 670 results 4 me

All of my results were me!

A search for my username come up with 707 results, all from this forum, Wincustomize, YouTube, and Google Sketchup Warehouse. A search for my name comes up with 85,200 results, five of which are me. Internet notoriety=very low.

I’m everywhere! Google reports about 88,400,000 entries for Foster.

But your research underlines the need to NOT to post things that you wouldn’t want your parents or your next big job interviewer to read. With a little digging you can find things I posted almost 20 years ago. The Internet has a very long memory.

My profile is the first thing that comes up, that is what you get if you click “I’m feeling lucky”
I had 218 things, Including some posts, my age and other personal info!
That’s weird…

I typed in my username and got two pages, all on this forum! I typed my youtube and got 244! Even comments I put on youtube are on other sites! Dude! I’m everywhere!