Criteria For Winning Excellence At Worlds

What is the criteria for winning excellence at worlds?

Appendix C - Awards Tab in game manual


Well Im from IQ but It might be the same. These teams that when these award gets them same for worlds. Gets a high notebook score. Gets a high skills score gets a teamwork champion. And maybe get a judged award. Also REC says this * Be at or near the top of all Engineering Notebook Rubric rankings

  • Exhibit a high-quality team interview
  • Be ranked in the top 10 or top 30% of teams (whichever is greater) at the conclusion of qualifying matches
  • Be ranked in the top 5 or top 20% of teams (whichever is greater) at the conclusion of the Robot Skills Challenges if Robot Skills Challenges are offered at the event
  • Be a candidate in consideration for other Judged Awards
  • Demonstrate a student-centered ethos
  • Exhibit positive team conduct, good sportsmanship, and professionalism Hope this helps ya :wave:
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You have to dp all of this and have won exellence at states to evve be considered even if you ric all the boxes but you didnt win exellence at your state tourney then u wont get it you wont even be considered… You also havebto have an insnae journal and extremely clean and well thought out robot. You do not have to win the tournamwnt ro get exellence.


If I remember correctly, there is some element of community contribution to winning Worlds Excellence.

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You can also get excellence at a signature event to qualify if I’m not mistaken.


Yeah thye updated it its winning desighn or exelence at a worlds qualifying event.