[CRN] Battery Charging Station Pre-Orders Available Now

Hello guys! A lot of you guys have seen our charging station. If you have not, here are a few pictures.






Basic Information:
12 Smart Charger Capacity
Cooling Fan for Batteries and Chargers
Multiple Power Strips
Neon Lights
Name on the Side

We are looking for pre-orders before May 16th. We want to get them made during the summer and get them to you guys before the start of the next robotics season (Mid-August). If you are interested, or know anyone interested in purchasing one of these fantastic battery charging stations for VRC, please email us at: info@team323z.com. Provide a name, email and once we have the final cost we will email you again to confirm your order.

More information to come soon!

Absolutely awesome battery charging station. Aftershock production!!! Even charging stations have extreme high design/build quality! My teammates crammed together a battery charging station the morning before worlds that requires 4 people to carry. Hum. We need to learn from you guys… really…

My guess would be that VEX community would more than likely strive to create their own cool charging stations, so I would suggest lowering the profit margin to make this a great buy to get people to start buying your product rather than design on their own, because the latter is neither impossible nor unpleasant.

Best wishes on your great fundraiser!

How large is the charging station? (Size in inches, preferably) because space is always an issue.

Very interesting, well engineering, and I really want to buy one now. Will email!

This one is, I believe, is 28" long by 16" tall by 11" wide? Keep in mind this is an example and the ones we are selling are going to be a little bit different but have the same functionality. The newer version(s) will be smaller and more compact and include more functionality.

Having seen the charging station at the tournaments, I can tell everyone that the station is absolutely great. I know our team is interested. The team recognizes the quality and functionality of this design and would rather not “re-invent the wheel” and focus creative energy on the game.

I am sure there are plenty of other teams that would love to make their own, but if your team wants to not have to worry about it and use a design that has already been tested, this is a great way to go.

I have also seen these in person and they look great. And they also double as a cup holder :smiley: