[CRN] Battery Charging Station (v2.0 Pre-Orders/Pricing)

After months of input, designing, and CAD’ing, we have finished the second generation charger; Z-Charge. We are offering two versions of this new station, a full feature version, and a more budget-friendly version.


Basic Version Features
-12 Smart Charger / 7.2V Robot Battery NiMH 3000mAh Capacity
-All new sleek design
-Compact and travel-friendly
-All batteries and chargers can be stored in the case
-Helps make packing for tournaments easy
-Makes it easy to use all your chargers
-Never worry about running out of plugs for your chargers
-Custom fit heavy duty travel case

Pro Version Features
-Everything in the Basic Version
-Pre-Installed LED Charging Bay Under-glow
-Integrated LCD Voltmeters to display real-time battery charge (represented by the purple rectangles)
-Team Name / Number on the sides as well as on the travel case
-AAA Charger Easy Mount (not shown)

Z-Charge is appx. 20.5" long, 13.5" wide, and 9" tall (without castors).
The toolbox will be painted black.

Basic Version - $300.00
Pro Version - $450.00
*Shipping charges are not included

Due to time we can only make a limited quantity of these charging stations. You can submit an order through our website: team323z.com/z-charge. If you are interested in receiving one of these charging stations, we suggest you get your name down soon.

Thanks and good luck during the new VEX season!

Jesse, Great charging station! ;)Just a few questions,

1)Do you have a picture/image of the HD travel case?
2)Just to clarify, the chargers are NOT included right?


  1. Not currently. All it is a wooden box that latches to the base of the station.
  2. The chargers are NOT included. If you would like us to wire the station up with your chargers, you can always send them to us!

Ok, Thanks. Your team numbers and names on the side…are they engraved or are they decals?

THX again!

They are painted on using stencils

I’ve seen so many cool battery charging stations that I think the robot construction challenge one year needs to be to build one.

Now that is a good idea! Is there a thread for suggestions to the RECF about online competition topics?

Yes, the last 2 years (and probably before that too) Rick Tyler posted a thread looking for Online Challenge ideas around the beginning of March.

Can you try to re-post the pic of your charging stating? It looks like the link in broken. Here’s one I put together for the team that can hold 12 batteries that are connected to power strips in the center (hidden in the middle of the cart) and then I added another power strip on top for computers and phones with the USB ports. Plus it has a fan to help pull the heat out of the center core to keep the temp down from the chargers/batteries. Rolls on casters and everything is powered off of one single plug. Thanks for your v1 design as I used that pic to help give me a couple of ideas, but would be curious to see your v2.

And I would be interested in buying one if only you still made them. :frowning:

Boss, I could make another one for you if you are interested. Only took me a few hours (besides letting the paint coats dry) to build this one a couple of weeks ago. I would just need to know your color selections if you want it painted as well as any team number info. I can assemble it all (except for your chargers) and then you would need to plug all of them in to the internal power strips. Let me know.

All of the links and images are broken.