cross blue line

is allowed to cross the blue line with “hub” Because I have not found something in the regulation that says no. If you can help us

Yes, you are allowed to cross the blue barriers with a Hub.

The only thing to consider is that you can’t have more than one Hub off of the floor at a time. The rules around this are defined in G17 in the game manual:

<G17> Hub control is limited. Robots may not directly or indirectly lift or hold more than one (1) Hub off of the Floor at a time. Pushing, shoving, pulling, or plowing multiple Hubs along the Floor, field perimeter, or Field Elements (e.g. Barriers) is not considered a violation, as long as these Hubs remain in contact with the Floor.

Also, to be clear the blue barriers are considered the floor.

**Floor – **The part of the playing field that is within the field perimeter. The white/black field tiles, and the blue VEX IQ parts that are used for terrain or Barriers, are considered part of the Floor.