Crossover Autonomous Run - robot initialization before the timer starts

Currently, our students take rectangular object to ensure the robot is placed at the exact same position each time they run their autonomous code.

Question - can the robot move itself to the initial starting position before the 60 seconds timer starts?

Here is what I mean. We already move the robot arm to 90 degrees during robot initialization, this happens before the 60 second clock starts (once the 60 sec timer starts, they actually lower the robot arm back down to 0).

I am wondering if we can also have the robot move 4 inches from the wall as part of this initialization routine. Currently, the students use a rectangle object to help them align the robot 4" from the wall. Instead of doing that, the robot could move itself 4" during initialization.

The robot is still completely within the official starting position and fits within the 13x20x15 inch restriction.

The kids then would press a touch LED when the bell rings and the robot would proceed to execute its autonomous code.

Is this ok?



This would be legal, provided it can be done in a timely fashion. It will be up to local events to determine if your pre-match routine can fit into their schedule. From what you’ve described, this seems like a reasonable amount of setup time.